Facelift Surgery

No one can deny the appearance of aging on our face. Isn't it frustrating that as we age, we tend to fall apart physically. Regardless upon gender, each of use desire to look good and stay young. We look at our self in the mirror and we start to see the visible signs of aging around the eyes, nose and neck. Our skin tends to become saggy and dry. Our eyes begin to look tired and fluffy.  All these are saddening that whatever we do, there is nothing that can stop aging. Although, there is something we can do to 'slow down' the process and reduce it. That's what when we come to realize about cosmetic surgery facelift. This procedure has been produced for quite a couple of decades and there is no denying that if not hundreds, then thousands of people have undergone facelift already and are satisfied with the results. Facelift is performed in two ways namely surgical and non-surgical method to give you the options to choose depending upon the results that you are after. 


Non Surgical Vs Facelift Surgery


If you have the concerns mentioned above and want to do something about it, then consider facelift. The good thing about the complete facelift is the long lasting results it provides. According to most plastic surgeons, full facelift surgery results can be achieved for up to 20 years. That's quite a long time right? Two decades. There you go! 


Non-surgical facelift is excellent for individuals who are not ready for a full facelift surgery as it involves going under the knife. Going below the knife is not exciting knowing that it is done on the most delicate part of your body. Non-surgical facelift can give you  a result that will take an immediate effect and can last for a couple of months. Imagine walking in a  cosmetic clinic with a wrinkled face and walking out with a "new look". A non-surgical facelift inspired look. It is worth taking the shot!


Here's the verdict.


Either surgical or non-surgical, both procedures are quite involved with few factors attached. Facelift surgery is more costly, healing period takes longer than the non surgical treatment with great results that last a long time, although more risks factors involved. Non-surgical is quick, effective, low risk factors and convenient for a couple of months until such time that you go for your next treatment so the cost adds up. All in all. It is the patient who can decide what she want to do and what goals does he/she have in mind. If you are afraid of knife but doesn't mind the needles, then non-surgical is your bet! Otherwise if you are ready for a "surgery" then you will be rewarded with great results that last for many years. Good luck!


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